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They say that the robots they already have installed can potentially sort three million packages every day. Trillion-dollar opportunity Image caption Samay Kohli (left) and Akash Gupta are the founders of GreyOrange One of the biggest challenges to the company's success has been sourcing parts. ''India does not have a very strong hardware ecosystem." explains Paula Mariwala, who invests in technology based start-ups for SeedFund. "So to source the right products and to get manufacturing going at a large กระเป๋า สตางค์ แบรนด์ elle scale in the early stages is particularly difficult. You would not be able to try out different components to have different versions of the product very easily - your time cycles will be longer. '' The size of the potential prize is what has helped sell the founders overcome these problems. ''We were looking at how robots are going to be the next revolution that is coming right, the next decade is going to be all about making humans more efficient by using robots more and that's essentially how we got started.'' Mr Kohli says. ''Robots are needed to work with humans and not to replace them. Humans will always be there in the workplace, but robots make a very important part of the ecosystem they work with. "Ten years ago, every person did not have a computer, today every person has one computer. We look at robots in that sense: as everyone has one computer, in the future they will have one robot with them to help them do their work better.

The name for this feature comes from Amazon's physical Dash buttons, which customers can place around their homes to quickly reorder paper towels or Slim Jims. The new feature is another way of making purchasing as seamless as possible through Amazon. Maybe too seamless, since you might not even notice that your one errant click resulted in the purchase of more electric toothbrush กระเป๋าแบรนด์ coco heads. Amazon created the sets of Dash buttons based on the items a customer orders the most, but you can add or delete Dash buttons to create your own set of easily clickable items. Competitor, which is owned by Walmart, offers its own version of this feature with its "easy reorder" section, but you may have to click three or even four times before completing an order. Amazon said Thursday it's continued to see growth in its Dash program, though it's avoided providing specific numbers on the program, which started in early 2015 . Next week, Amazon said, it plans to add more than 50 new Dash button devices to its current line of over 200 . Dash buttons are available to Amazon Prime members essentially for free. Customers must pay $4.99 (or 4.99 or 4.99 euros) upfront for each one, but that payment is then reimbursed after the first purchase using the button.

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