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REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah 12/14 left right Manaf Younes ผ้าปูที่นอน toto ลายลิขสิทธิ์ ราคาถูก Jammel, owner of a billiard hall which was closed by Islamic State militants, plays one of his covered billiard tables, in the city of Mosul, Iraq January 30, 2017. Picture taken January 30, 2017. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah 13/14 left right A billiard table covered in plastic sheeting and dust stands in an empty billiard hall which was closed by Islamic State militants, in the city of Mosul, Iraq January 30, 2017. Picture taken January 30, 2017. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah 14/14 By Michael Georgy | MOSUL MOSUL When Islamic State militants swept into Mosul in 2014, they wandered into Manaf Younes' billiards hall and declared it un-Islamic, taking away his billiard balls with a stern warning. A hall that was often read moreÂ… packed with players until midnight was suddenly abandoned. Photographs of awards that made Younes proud gathered dust for two years and the billiard tables remained covered up. Iraqi government forces have now pushed the militants out of east Mosul and are poised to attack the west. While Younes is thrilled, like many other small businessmen in the city, his joy is tempered by uncertainty as he tries to revive his former life.

In this photo taken Thursday, Jan. 26, 2017, Fire Chief Jeff Perkins talks about a bed bug infestation forced the shutdown of a fire station in Florence, Ala. The station will be cleaned and bedding material destroyed before it reopens. (Matt McKean/The TimesDaily via AP) Friday Your friends e-mail addresses (comma separated):* Subject:* Are you human?* You must enter the characters with black color that stand out from the other characters FLORENCE, Ala. A fire station in northwestern Alabama has had to be temporarily closed after an infestation of bed bugs sent at least one firefighter for medical treatment. Florence city officials said in a news release Thursday that Fire Station 2 is undergoing treatment by an exterminator. The bedding will be destroyed. Fire officials say they were notified of a potential infestation when a firefighter discovered bites on his wrist Monday. No other firefighters were noticeably affected. Mayor Steve Holt says officials have determined the cause of the infestation and are taking preventive measures to make sure the same thing doesn't happen at any other facility. Station 2's nine firefighters have been moved to two other stations, along with their trucks and equipment. Copyright 2017 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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Standlee uses the lack of rain to have more control over the crops by irrigating the crops via the Snake River in Idaho. The lack of rain also makes it easier for the crops to be harvested at the correct times, Suddarth said. The optimal time for the crops to be harvested is after the morning dew has lifted. Because there is little chance of rain, the harvesting time is rarely affected by weather. Having direct control of the amount of water prevents molding or leaf shatter in crops, he said. Leaf shatter happens when a crop is too dry and becomes fragile. Since all of the product is farmed in Idaho, the product is shipped to the other distribution centers by rail car and truck, Suddarth said. Once it is here, the employees unload it until it is distributed to Tractor Supply stores, farm and ranch stores and to individual farmers. The company also offers a delivery and storage service where trailers of product can be delivered, he said.

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